A total experience strategy is all about harmonizing and unifying diverse experience functions within a single cohesive framework. When implemented effectively, total experience cultivates a unified environment where both your employees and customers can thrive seamlessly. Gartner’s forward-looking analysis predicts a transformative landscape wherein, “by 2024, organizations committed to delivering a comprehensive total experience are anticipated to surpass competitors by an impressive 25% in satisfaction metrics encompassing both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX). Looking ahead to 2026, it envisions that 60% of large enterprises will have embraced a total experience strategy, re-shaping their business models and attaining ‘world-class customer and employee advocacy levels,’ a paradigm where both constituencies are actively engaged in championing the corporate brand.”

At our event, we dive deep into the Total Experience (TX) mindset, exploring its transformative power, the value it unlocks, and IT’s pivotal role in driving this paradigm shift. Be inspired by real-life success stories from leading organizations as we unveil how TX is reshaping the enterprises.

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